The Difference


Just heard an analogy:

You need to go to the grocery store to buy a bag of potato chips - something you don't normally do.  You walk down the 'potato chip aisle', there are all kinds of choices - which bag to you pick?

You need to sell and/or buy a home - something you don't normally do.  You go online and click down the 'Realtor aisle', there are all kind of choices - who do you pick?

No transaction is the same.  With that in mind, I spend time with you assessing your requirements, concerns and goals and together we agree on a plan that meets your needs.  

I assemble a team of required professionals that can comprise of; local home inspectors, contractors, interior designers, service providers, property managers, lending professionals, title and escrow companies, painters, gardeners, plumbers, electricians home warranty companies and we deliver on that plan.

I use the latest in digital photography and imaging for buyers to see your home in the best possible way, then market it across specific demographics - to people that are actually looking for a property such as yours.  It is likely I already have buyers on my list.

As you can see from this website, I have the most up to date market data in the area, no need to go anywhere else.

It's about the value we can bring to your Real Estate requirements.

Me, I like those Lime flavored potato chips that have a little spice to them.  What is your choice?

Who You Choose Matters


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